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Win message board

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If your enemy can't find the evidence they're demanding, blame them for their lack of research skills - after all, you've already provided them with ample resources. If you've been involved in a particularly vehement argument where you've staked your reputation on the line, get a friend to (210) 740-0931 away your PC on pub nights.

Showboat Once the argument is in full swing, publicly thank all those people who have e-mailed you privately with their messages of support. And if they make a factual error - no matter how small - make sure you're on hand to remind them of their error as often as possible.

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Tell your opponent that you know exactly how he or she is going to respond to your message because you've seen it all before. I Agree today and have your say!

Please Try Again By providing myI consent to receiving investment related electronic messages from Stockhouse. Enjoy battling it out on the bulletin boards? You've got history Boasting about how long you've been subscribed to messaye forum or newsgroup is not advised.

Ensure you keep the references vague and preferably link to s that are stuffed full of even more links. Claim that you are too busy to reply to each of them personally at the moment, but promise to continue fighting on their behalf. We will not release or resell your information to third parties without your permission.

Cookies are used to offer you a better browsing experience and to analyze our traffic. Victory is yours!

I didn't say that! List all potential counter-arguments to your position and invite your opponent to choose one. Today.

After a few exchanges, begin to use a corruption of your opponent's name - begin with "William", then change to "Billy", then change to something like "Billy-Boy". Then this guide is for wni - simply follow summerville sc singles point guide below and success will be win message board Make generous excuses for your opponent's behaviour "I know you primary school technicians can be under a lot of stress", "the menopause can be a very difficult time", etcbut retain mfssage calm tone of superiority "the important thing is to learn from your mistakes".

We win message board use them to share usage information with our partners.

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Never apologise for anything, ever. When other people in the thread, the rules are simple: if they side with you, follow-up immediately and enthusiastically, congratulating them on their courage; if they side with messave opponent, ignore the tossers. Trini milf the devastating logic of your drunken ramblings will seem inescapable to you at the time, your opponent will lap up the incoherent, inconsistent, beer-troubled flaws in your argument and you'll be unlikely to recover.

Criticising your opponents spelling or grammar will make you look pedantic. If a newly arrived opponent produces a particularly strong argument, tell them that you've already 2012 nissan altima pictures and won this debate last win message board and that you've no intention of repeating your crushing arguments all over again for their benefit.

One step ahead Pre-empt all replies.

For the win

Elizabeth C. Play dirty Think the argument isn't going your way?

See also:. Congratulations - but remember to be utterly unbearable in victory. Far better to deliberately misread a message, then follow-up with an utterly incongruous statement. Bamboozle with links If your opponent's tenacity is proving too much for you, try a Google counter-attack.

Like getting stuck into a good, pointless argument with only one aim - to win at any cost? Women don't enjoy having their names shortened either, so make sure that "Mrs.

See full details. Simply delete that intelligent, pointed question which ends paragraph three and reply instead to the weaker arguments beneath. There's lots of you Always refer to yourself in the boarf, as though you are speaking on behalf of the whole newsgroup: "all we are trying to say pattaya bar girls video Should your opponent post something like "I'm sorry but you're talking crap", snip everything but the first two words then graciously win message board his apology.

Won the argument? Simply post one long, highly antagonistic message in which you completely misrepresent everything your opponent has said in the last three weeks. Your messages will seem warm and friendly, despite the rabid ferocity of their content.

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Beer and arguments don't mix Never, ever, re a long-running argument after ten pints in the pub. Fondly recall a similar flame-war which took place in between "Big Al" and "Phyllis from Boafd. Be selective Selective editing is a good way to avoid engaging with your opponent's better arguments.