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Okay, that's debatable but nobody will deny The Contest is among the show's best ones.

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These days, The Walking Dead can spill as many intestines as it wants, but many issues surrounding sexuality and gender identity are still considered taboo in the realm of prime-time programming.

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Simply put: who can go for the longest period of time without… indulging?

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For the time that it aired, it was an incredibly edgy half-hour of television.

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Nov 19, Some advertisers balked, but America 20 years ago turned out to be surprisingly cool with televised self-service.

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Sure, streaming sitcoms like Broad City go where network shows don't dare, seemingly more so this year than ever before, but network comedies tend to steer clear of such bawdy matters to this day.

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This episode first aired on November 18,

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By Orli Matlow June 26 This week, Hulu officially made the entire series of Seinfeld available for streaming, a move that not only sparked the interest of seasoned television series marathoners looking for a challenge, but also those who may have forgotten just how revolutionary it actually was for pop culture.

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Famously, the bet and its ramifications were discussed extensively throughout the half hour, without the word masturbation ever being uttered.

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Every day since.

As soon as we were alone, Chris secured the lock and chain on the door, chuckling.

Or maybe just wait it out another few weeks when they would kick in their New Year's resolutions to lose weight.

One hand held both of my wrists now.

My mind was currently focused on what he was doing to me, not keeping still.

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