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I was taller and bigger than mostly everyone I grew up around.

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"Does this guy," Chris asked, his voice husky as he ran a single finger up and down the soft hollow of skin just behind my Sexy black girls swimsuits along the back of my jaw, "know right where to touch you to drive you wild?" I wanted him to both continue and yet stop touching me there.

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Primarily because my butt was numb and my feet were tingly.


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After it had happened a second time with another girl, I realized I must have been subconsciously projecting my fears that I would be rejected.

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I cried out, my body twisting beneath him while his fingers and thumb sought their goal.

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I started to pull away, but Chris tightened his arms and whispered in my ear to relax.

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He stared at my chest for a moment before reaching into the box again.

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